about us

Purpose-driven combinations
THE COMBINATOR is a Liechtenstein based, purpose-driven combinator, working exclusively with sustainable businesses and systems change focused investments.  THE COMBINATOR is part of the RHEINEST Family Office founded by Rudi Hilti, which creates a diverse and passionate lead of managing partners.  All that THE COMBINATOR does is achieved through a focus on creating and nurturing trust, collaboration and passion.


big picture focus

THE COMBINATOR is set out to create change instead of refinement. Our purpose is to work with a higher mission of creating systems change instead of only looking to improve or profit off systems that are faulty.

We understand what it takes to build real sustainable ecosystems and we look to nurture impactful combinations that can redefine the meaning of success for future generations to come through shared responsibility.

Big projects need big thinkers who offer a focus into the non-invented and unimaginable. Many topics require an expanded imagination as potential cannot always be calculated or measured quantitatively. Potential must be felt, and this requires the right approaches on the one hand and the right instinct on the other.

"We work on the Big Picture instead of the concrete existing."

Portfolio Clients Vlinder Climate capturing communities with Mangroves.


big picture focus

We take action to prove that sustainability creates economic profit, and we create trust by investing into our portfolio companies and into their missions. We are future focused, curious, thoughtful and strongly convinced that impact and success belong together. Trust and transparency are core to all that we do. We use capital as a form of energy potential for creating change.


A combinator is someone creating a common journey. For us, creating a combination means that we do more than just connecting investors with investments, we combine our skills together with the expertise of our network to create sustainable value and values.

It is our mission to create break through combinations of investments, talent, strategies and markets to deliver sustainable impact at scale.

We achieve these goals with like-minded partners and <without> the box thinkers through a strategic combination of trustworthy network access, hands-on strategic and operative support and/or project financing.

Portfolio Client and founder of neoom group, Walter Kreisel.

our team

United in experience, business acumen, reliability and curiosity for future focused change.
Rudi Hilti, CEO & Founder
Anouk Hilti-Zingg, Advisor
René Schierscher, Partner
Orlando Wanner, Legal
"All that THE COMBINATOR does is achieved through a focus on creating and nurturing trust, collaboration and passion."