Portfolio company, Synhelion.

Since launching in 2020, our portfolio and network has grown steadily. We work with purpose-driven lateral thinkers on big picture topics for reimagining our future. Our clients stem from the network of RHEINEST and its partners. We look to cultivate their growth by combining the right people, ideas and forms of capital.​

We Don't Have Time

“We Don’t Have Time is a review platform for climate solutions. The power of many enables us to influence businesses, politicians and world leaders. But We Don’t Have Time to wait.”


“LEVA allows you to setup and manage investment vehicles to pool co-investors in a few clicks, fully digitally, and at a fraction of the cost.”

World Data Lab

“World Data Lab (WDL) is a fast-growing data science B2B DaaS scaleup that takes strategic insights and data-driven decision-making to the next level by developing the most credible, global, and granular economic and demographic forecasts.”


“Through our hardware and software, we enable the switch from a centralised and fossil-based to a decentralised and renewable energy system.”


“Through innovative solutions and a smart thinking towards the future, we simplify your search for suitable construction machinery and support you in leading construction projects to success even faster – together we make the rental of machines more efficient than ever before.”

Vlinder Climate

“We help restore degraded mangrove areas, improve the lives of vulnerable communities and get verified carbon credits. We see high-quality carbon solutions as complementary to decarbonization of the economy and critical for achieving the Paris Agreement goals.”

PHANTOR - neoom group

“We are an international Transportation & Product Design Studio and state certified Engineering Consultancy for Industrial Design. We provide marketable solutions for Advanced Design, Production Design Realisation & New Product Development pushing the limits of Global Innovation Transfer while keeping people and their individual needs centre stage.”


Reducing CO2 emissions is the greatest challenge of our time. We contribute to a zero-emissions transportation sector by replacing fossil fuels with carbon-neutral solar fuels. It all started with a crazy idea at ETH Zurich. What if we could reverse combustion? We are now ready to build the world’s first industrial solar fuel production plant, taking us closer to a world connected by clean and sustainable transportation.”


“Assarée is a level-to-level advisory, offering purpose-driven investment opportunities and products in line with progressive values.Through unique product collaborations and experiences, Assarée pushes the story of the purpose-driven investments that we (Assarée team) are invested in.”

"It is our mission to create break through combinations of investments, talent, strategies and markets to deliver sustainable impact at scale."