THE COMBINATOR is set out to create change instead of refinement. Our purpose is to work with a higher mission of creating systems change instead of only looking to improve or profit off systems that are faulty.

Carbon Pioneers and Mangrove Trees with Vlinder.


We focus on visionary, socially and sustainable motivated, system-changing projects and companies. It is our mission to create break through combinations of investments, talents, strategies and markets to deliver sustainable impact at scale. We are aware of the challenges facing future generations, so we have made a conscious decision to promote, scale and position disruptive technologies, approaches and clients working in accordance with SDGs. Modesty is not appropriate when it comes to these big issues, we believe that we must join forces and combat ambitiously.

The team at neoom, captured by WalterLuttenberger Photography.


WE PROVIDE SUPPORT to our partners through smart money investments that create sustainable value. WE CO-INVEST into exploring unquantifiable topics and into those, with foresight, doing things differently. WE PROVIDE ACCESS into a network of passionate, inspired people who are not afraid to dream. Together, we create combinations for success.

Ignmar Rentzhog, We Don’t Have Time


With a trusted network of passionate, purpose driven combinators, we create return on impact that serves a mission higher than sole commerciality; we create change.
"We believe in value creation & protection – family style."
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